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Facial School

Lovett Beauty School Offers Top-Rated Facial Spa Training from our Norcross Esthetician School of Cosmetology

Lovett Beauty School is a professional cosmetology school operating two campuses in Georgia – in Norcross and Morrow. We offer a variety of cosmetology and facial spa training courses, including one of Georgia's best esthetician and facial school programs.

Lovett’s Esthetician School Course Program

Lovett Beauty School offers a 1,000-hour esthetician school technician course designed to train and educate students with the tools required to pass Georgia's State Board of Cosmetology examination.

The complete tuition for this facial spa training course is $4,500. Students interested in enrolling in this facial spa training program have an opportunity to pay the tuition over nine payments or, if they prefer, they can make a one-time $4,000 payment.

The curriculum for the coursework offered by Lovett’s esthetician school program includes the following –

  • Important & Relevant Industry Concepts, including health and safety issues.

  • Introduction to science, including relevant medical concepts.

  • Body treatment techniques.

  • Machine operations, including hair removal.

  • Makeup.

  • State Board program review.

  • Business practices and advanced topics in spa business management.


Students attending the facial spa training course can complete this certificate program in about eight months if attending classes based on a full-time course load. Part-time students attending classes during the day typically complete the program in about ten to twelve months.

When a student completes 1,000 hours of training, relevant services, financial obligations, and examinations, they are awarded a program certificate of completion. Check out our orientation package and safety guidelines for reopening a salon.

If you are genuinely interested in a career in cosmetology or one of the many rewarding related fields, we offer these other beauty school programs at the Norcross campus, which is located at 6057 Oakbrook Parkway [click for directions].

  • A Cosmetology course - this 1,500-hour course can be completed in about twelve months.

  • A Barbering Course – this 1,500-hour course can be completed in 9 to 12 months.

  • A Nail Technician School Course - this 525 hour course can be completed in 4 to 6 months.

  • Instructor Courses – these courses vary in hours (250 - 750-hours), depending on the instructor course selected. These instructor courses are generally completed in 4 to 6 months.


Please reach out to one of our professional team members at Lovett Beauty School with any questions or concerns regarding our programs, products, or services. We are available by email or contact one of our Lovett Beauty School team members using our online contact form.

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